avatarMartin Cap is a French  freelance composer working in the field of Video Game and Trailer Music.

His musical journey began with the learning of the guitar, and after few month of playing in band, he discover his passion for composition.

Because of his eclectic taste and his curiosity, he love to blend  multiple style .

After obtaining a professional music  diploma in the Music Academy of Nancy in 2008 he began to work for many client including Singer and Producer.

He work also for an agency specialized  in Musical Identity for brand and product (L’oreille En pointe)
He wrote the musical score for indie game like Mekarus and Diablo-Like project Holyspirit.

He has the pleasures to work for « Snowbird Studio » on their upcoming sandbox and pirate simulator Game (Blood&Gold :Carribean!)

In 2014 he began to work for Colossal Music, End Of Silence (Really Slow Motion), Dos BRAIN witch are agency specialized in Trailer Music

His credits include: Edge of Tomorow TV SPOT, Alien Covenant TV SPOT and Blade Runner 2049 Theatrical Trailer #2

To describe his way to work Martin love to say:  » I always compose with the Final Goal in mind : Music must always serve the project and enhance his most beautiful aspect, so for me the composer is not more than a member of the team joining they forces to provide the best and immersive experience »

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